THENFRIEND Video (2009)


— 0:00

Final Performance Report
Testing Effects of External Environment

Alpha Center: N.SH.E./Junsuyoz-062

J- 100-0257 -0015


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16-19 June 2001 KRG2+06756+10468 (+0.2m)

The subject is isolated from the environment with value +8 for 72 hours.

Aharonov-Bohm effect is evident. No obvious discomfort.
19-22 June 2001 KOS3+05951+05906 (+236.8m)

The subject is isolated from the environment with value of +5 for 72 hours.

Sedative effect is observed after six hours, after which the subject displayed visible responses upon exposure.

Shallow breathing and rapid heart rate, indicating some discomfort.

— 0:49

23-26 June 2001 YAMD5+02893+09107 (+4426.7m)

The subject is isolated from the environment with value -7 for 72 hours.

The test showed visible intense responses to exposure almost immediately. A sedative effect was observed after two hours of exposure to the weak force.

Serious discomfort. Formication, chills, a gradual increase in internal body temperature, substantially increased heart rate. Weak spectral changes.

— 1:34

20-23 December. 2001 ROT5+02921+11763 (+208.7m)

The subject is isolated from the environment with value -18 for 72 hours.

The test showed visible catatonic symptoms. Experiments with both α-methylphenethylamine (amphetamine) with β-phenethylamine yielded no results.

Observed frequent phase stroboscopic effect. Test did not produce a strong interaction or distinctive changes to the observed level of perception.

— 1:56

24-26 December. 2001 (Coordinates RESTRICTED)

The subject is isolated from the environment with value -72 for 72 hours.

Analysis incomplete. The body was returned Alkino-2 for autopsy and biopsy.


This video looks like a collection of research notes regarding unknown experiment(s) on a human female subject, ultimately resulting in her death.


Based on the information on the first page of text, the researchers are clearly affiliated with Alfa-Tsentr, as it is explicitly mentioned. It also ambiguously mentions The Junsui and Nippon Shin Eisei (Alpha Center: N.SH.E./Junsui-062). This could suggest that these experiments part of a 'Junsui' project that may be a collaboration between Alfa-Tsentr and Nippon Shin Eisei.

There are clues to the type of experiments being conducted in the research notes.

  • 'Testing Effects of External Environment' might suggest that exposure to some kind of environmental conditions was involved. This may be supported by the following point.
  • Each page of research notes lists a location (via 3-letter code followed by a number, then global coordinates, and an altitude — see coordinate puzzle). From this it can be inferred that the course of these experiments were conducted at several different locations, possibly to expose the subject to different types of external environments.
  • There is a date listed on each page of the research notes. The experiments occurred near the summer and winter solstices in 2001, suggesting that there may have been some kind of seasonal solar or magnetic component to the research. This faintly ties in to the importance The Junsui place on solar cycles1
  • The first page of notes states that the Aharonov-Bohm effect was observed.
  • 'Weak spectral changes' refers to some kind of spectrometry, but it is unclear what was being observed. One hypothesis is that this refers to EEG spectral content.
  • The subject became catatonic and the researchers apparently unsuccessfully attempted to treat these symptoms with amphetamine and a related drug.
  • The researchers noted a 'frequent phase stroboscopic effect'. Once again it's not clear what was being observed, but it would have to be something periodic like a heartbeat (or perhaps EEG measurements).

While the nature and purpose of these experiments are not entirely clear, it has been speculated that they are part of the origins of The Junsui. This video was also the first set of coordinates for the coordinate puzzle.

Coordinate Puzzle

Each of the locations mentioned in the video have a 3-letter code, a set of coordinates, and an altitude. The 3-letter codes correspond to the names of the locations (in Russian).

КРГ2+06756+01468 (+0.2m)
Kjerringøy, Norway (+67.56 +14.68)

КОС3+05951+05906 (-236.8m)
Kosvinsky Mountain, Russia (+59.51 +59.06)

ЯМД5+02893+09107 (+4426.7m)
Yamdrok Lake, Tibet (+28.93 +91.07)

POT5-02921+11763 (+208.7M)
Rothsay, Australia (-29.21, +117.63)

(Coordinates RESTRICTED)
Unknown. Possibly Yamantau, since the coordinates for Yamantau were provided in an identical format in the fake google page, however, Yamantau does not fit on "the line".

The Line
These locations lie linearly along a single great circle. A statistical analysis has determined that this is very unlikely to be a coincidence (α=0.05).


More interestingly, this line appears to correspond to the solar terminator on the winter solstice. Since these experiments were conducted around the solstices, maybe there is some significance to these locations aligning along the winter solstice solar terminator.

Possible Missing Location
Despite there being obvious correspondences between locations and solstices and lines, the meaning of these patterns has still not yet been determined as of 10 September 2013. As stated above, it is possible that the missing location is Yamantau mountain, as this video is one of the first pieces of media we became aware of in 2009, prior to discovering Yamantau's significance. It is possible that it was intended to point us toward Yamantau. However, Yamantau does not fit 'the line', and the final page of research notes makes it seem as if the final phase of the experiment was conducted, and then the body was returned to Yamantau (Alkino-2).

Some other clues were given in private messages from Yuri Tretiak (Alfa-Tsentr command),

12 September 2009

Very good to speak with you Alek!
The thoroughness of your information is a refreshing change. I congratulate you for the depth of your team's investigation…
There is definitely correspondences between locations. I am not free to disclose exact nature for reasons of operational security of Alfa-Tsentr. But I agree solar cycles are definitely a significance for terrorists. There is also at one sight at least strong presence of auroral kilometric radiation. The western China location I am personally familiar with in Tibet. Although there has been some activities by terrorists associated with Lhasa, the recent incidents have to do with Urumqi, Xinjiang region.
Within last 24 hours our own signal intelligence has started to focus on symbolic meanings of the pictographs used by terrorists to understand what messages they may encode. Of particular interest is possible correspondence between symbols and locations you have detailed. Understanding this might lead to ability to intercept their espionage activities.

The presence of Auroral kilometric radiation seems to suggest an extreme northern or extreme southern latitude. Of the known locations, Kjerringøy is the only one to lie within an auroral zone. It is likely that Yuri was referring to Kjerringøy.

Also, the fact that he claims to be familiar with the location in Lhasa (which is extremely remote) is interesting. The Lhasa location has been speculated to be the site of a small plane crash that injured Alexander Dubrovin.

18 September 2009

Were you by any chance able to extrapolate any of the missing locations from the damaged lines?

This question suggests that there may be more locations than what had been mentioned. At the time Yuri wrote this, we had already mentioned the locations in the image above.

See the coordinate puzzle on the old wiki for more information.

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