The Emir


"The Emir" is a figure referenced by Rhea in Rhea's Confession. Prior to their capture by Caucasian rebels, the three sisters Vera Gamidova, Oksana Kareyeva, and Rhea Aliyeva to find him.

The following is the excerpt from Rhea's Confession where The Emir is mentioned:

In the beginning, we were innocent. We had heard about the Emir, and we went to Vedeno to find him. We were afraid. We were three girls. We were pure, but we knew nothing. We asked everyone we met if they could help us find the Emir. No one would speak to us.

A man in the back of a teahouse pointed to the door.

“Go home,” he said. “Go back to your parents. Go back to your husbands.”

We told him our parents were gone, and we had no husbands. We said we wanted to meet the Emir. We knew how to help him.

He looked at us and asked us how we could help the Emir. Vera said we were ready to sacrifice.

He told us to go home.

That night as we walked back to our room, the trucks came for us. The men wore masks. They took us at gunpoint and bound our hands. They put hoods over our heads. They tried to touch us as little as possible as if our bodies were poison.

I heard a man’s voice say, “You are now the property of the Liberation Army of Dagestan.”

I could hear Oksana crying beside me. Vera told us to be calm. She said it was natural for them to fear us.

We drove all night until we came to a building in the woods. I felt acorns crunch under our feet. When they took off our hoods, I saw that we were in a gymnasium. There was an empty concrete pool in the center of the room and broken benches for weights. They forced us down the ladders into the pool. There were bloodstains on the ground.

They told us we were Russian spies. They said the army was so weak they were sending their whores.

Vera said we wanted to talk to the Emir.

The Emir is dead, they said. Everyone knows.

Vera said they were lying. We would only speak to the Emir. They took her away from us then and led her up the stairs. Oksana tried to hold her back, but Vera told her not to worry. “Our brothers will know that we are pure.”

Possible Identities

As of 27 August 2013, it is not clear whether or not this Emir will be an important figure, although it has been speculated that could be one of several non-fictional rebel leaders in the North Caucasus:

Shamil Basayev
Basayev was a major rebel leader until his death in 2006. This is perhaps recent enough for 'The Emir' to be dead, but not have it be common knowledge based on what we know of the document's timeline (likely leading up to August 2009). Basayev is also from Vedeno, where the sisters went to look for 'The Emir', and he had many family members there before several of them were killed in a Russian airstrike. Shamil Basayev - Wikipedia Article.

Ibn al-Khattab
Also known as 'Emir Khattab', was another major rebel leader, fighting in both Chechen wars and leading the Invasion of Dagestan alongside Shamil Basayev in 1999. Khattab was killed in 2002 in a plot orchestrated by the Russian FSB after opening a letter poisoned with a sarin-like nerve agent. UF member Ad_Arcana_Tutanda has speculated that Khattab could be the 'Emir' based on his knowledge and experience doing intelligence work in the North Caucasus; since Khattab had been elevated to an almost mythical status, many did not believe he was dead for a long time, perhaps negating the argument that the sisters believing him to be alive around 2009 doesn't make sense. Ibn al-Khattab - Wikipedia Article.

Dokka Umarov
Umarov is a Chechen Islamist militant who proclaimed himself as the 'Emir' of the North Caucasus around 2007. He continues to be active in the region as of August 2013, and is not dead (as the sisters were told in Rhea's Confession), though they may have been lied to. Dokka Umarov - Wikipedia Article.

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