Rhea Numitorova


Rei, Ria, Rhea Numitorova, Rhea Aliyeva, "Little Bird"



Rhea Aliyeva, also known as Rhea Numitorova and "Little Bird", is the youngest of the three Junsui 'sisters'1, after Vera Gamidova and Oksana Kareyeva.

Rhea's Confession
Much of what we know of Rhea's past comes from the narrative presented in the Rhea's Confession document. This confession may have been coerced, so there is some reasonable doubt about its accuracy. According to the document, she and her 'sisters' were from Dagestan, and their parents had been killed in regional conflict.

They subsequently sought to 'purify' themselves and fight against those who they believed were responsible for murdering their families and corrupting their homeland. They attempted to find someone they called The Emir to join resistance fighters in the North Caucasus.

They never found The Emir, but they were kidnapped by a group of resistance fighters claiming to be The Liberation Army of Dagestan. These fighters sent the three sisters on a mission to bomb an OMON barracks on 6 August 2009 near Dzhalgan and Sabnova2, Derbent, Dagestan. This attack was botched, and Rhea was subsequently arrested and detained by Russian special police or paramilitary (OMON, FSB, Russian Interior Ministry).

Details of her arrest are in the Rhea's Record document.

The Cell - Camera Feed

We first learned of her in 2009, after a clue on the Nippon Shin Eisei website led us to the fake google flash page with the clue, 'Search for the enemy'. Searching for the term 'alfa-tsentr' triggered an animation that flipped the google page, and showed Rhea in a white cell in white clothing. She was ostensibly being detained by Alfa-Tsentr. The location of her cell was determined to be "School 4" in the Alkino-2 complex at Mount Yamantau.

Her behavior inside the cell included:

  • Long periods of sitting
  • Holding her hands above her head for long periods of time, sometimes with white bags over her hands and head
  • Writing in a notebook
  • Drinking water and appearing to vomit
  • Becoming hysterical and threatening suicide with a pen
  • Being gassed into submission and removed from the cell
  • Sleeping

Here are some surviving youtube videos of the feed.

Rhea's Interrogation

After a slew of tweets containing miscellaneous symbols, members of uF managed to extract a code: SEARCH FOR THE FUTURE. Searching for 'future' in the fake google flash page led to the following interrogation video.

Note: The video has english captions that can be turned on. I would eventually like to include a full transcript here.

In the video, Rhea answers questions about her relations with a Frenchman named Louis, what medications she is taking and what their purpose is, and whether or not she has experienced 'bloody secretions'. Note that her being with 'Louis' in July 2009, as she testified in this interrogation, does not seem to match the timeline of Rhea's Confession, where during this month, she would almost certainly have been living and training with the Liberation Army of Dagestan. This video also seems to support the theory that Rhea may have been the victim of some kind of human trafficking, biological experiments, or both, but neither of these have been substantiated as of 29 August 2013.

Dubai Video

Main Article - MoT Dubai Video


On 13 September 2009, the MoT Dubai Video was discovered that provided more information about Rhea. Strangely, this information conflicts with the information in Rhea's Record.

The MoT Dubai Video and Rhea's Interrogation both seem to support the narrative that Rhea is a high class courtesan, though Rhea's Record describes her as a Dagestani rebel.

One of the more striking contradictions between these two is Rhea's birthplace. In Rhea's Record, her birthplace is listed as Tkhaba-Yerdy, Ingushetia. In the image above from the MoT Dubai Video, Rhea's birthplace is listed as KOS3, which has been interpreted to mean Kosvinsky Mountain. This difference provides two very different and conflicting narratives for Rhea's history.

Current Whereabouts

After the Junsui's attack on Yamantau in September 2009, it was clear that they did not succeed in rescuing Rhea.

  • There was a suggestion that she was transferred to a facility at Minsk, Belarus.
  • As of August 2014, documents recovered via Alfa-Arkiv seem to indicate that Rhea is alive. These photos have also more or less confirmed that theories about her being pregnant, as she now appears to have a young daughter, and does not appear to be in captivity. Despite this, details of her current status are still unknown.


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