Name Affiliation Importance Aliases
Rhea Numitorova The Junsui Youngest sister, "Little Bird", woman from cell feed Rei, Ria, Rhea Aliyeva, "Little Bird"
Alexander Dubrovin Men of Taste First contact from Men of Taste Sasha
Kalila El-Khoury Men of Taste Dubai Czargrad house curator, lover of Alexander Dubrovin A Love Supreme
"The Emir" Caucasian Rebels Mentioned as someone sisters searched for in Rhea's Confession -
Vera Gamidova The Junsui Killed(?) per account of Rhea's Confession, possibly same person as Vera Novosi -
Oleg Kamenev OMON Russian soldier killed by explosion in Rhea's Confession -
Oksana Konstantinova The Junsui Middle sister, see Rhea's Confession Oksana Kareyeva, Diyne Seteney
Rabbani Magametov OMON Signed fingerprint page of Rhea's Record document -
Patrick Marckesano ? ? -
Vera Novosi The Junsui "Blesser Leader" of The Junsui, killed(?) in Junsui attempt to infiltrate Yamantau complex to free Rhea Numitorova in Sept 2009 Junko Junsui, Vera Gamidova, Vera Procasova
Marat Stepanov OMON Russian solider killed by explosion in Rhea's Confession -
Roman Azef Alfa-Tsentr CEO of Alfa-Tsentr - 2009 Vladislav (Maybe Vladislav Surkov?)
Yuri Tretiak Alfa-Tsentr A-T Command - 2009. Current PR consultant for Czargrad Inc. Sergeant in the GRU before he took up work in the private sector. Vadim Ilovaisky
Ivan Grossman Men of Taste Personal assistant to Alexander Dubrovin -
Hans Lauren ? Acquaintence of Alexander Dubrovin -
Robert Malley Men of Taste Sydney Czargrad house curator -
Vigor Savić Alfa-Tsentr Staff secretary of Roman Azef to whom Alexander Dubrovin submitted reports -
Oscar Azevedo Men of Taste Rio de Janeiro Czargrad house curator -
Larisa Dubrovin - Ex-wife of Alexander Dubrovin -
Kasimir Dubrovin - Son of Alexander Dubrovin -
Rishi Mirwani Men of Taste Associate of Alexander Dubrovin in Dubai -
Jose Guera ? Personal friend of Alexander Dubrovin -
Ulrike Rudel Alfa-Tsentr Lead staff operations officer of A-T "Vityaz" -
Hikaru Atsusaka Nippon Shin Eisei Contact of Alexander Dubrovin at NSE -
Dr. Masa Tatenuma Nippon Shin Eisei Founder and geneticist at NSE with whom Alexander Dubrovin had contact. Kitsune reference. Possible source of THENFRIEND Video -
Dr. Dmitry Belyaev SRCAMB Geneticist with a lab named for him in the Mount Yamantau Alkino-2 complex -
Jenya Belova The Junsui Courtesan in a Czargrad house, disappeared, fate unknown (possibly girl from THENFRIEND video?) -
Raimonda Concepción Las SGG One of the leaders of Las SGG. Raimonda Astin
Raskovnik Las SGG Hacker and one of the leaders of Las SGG. -

Historical Figures

Name Affiliation Importance
Alfred Dreyfus French Army Convicted of treason in 1894 (Dreyfus Affair), eventually completely exonerated.
King Numitor Roman Mythos Father of Rhea Silvia. Overthrown by his brother, Amulius. Name connection with Rhea Numitorova
Rurik Varangians A Varangian chieftain who gained control of Ladoga in 862, built the Holmgard settlement near Novgorod, and founded the Rurik Dynasty, which ruled Kievan Rus (and later Grand Duchy of Moscow and Tsardom of Russia) until the 17th century.
Oleg of Novgorod Varangians A Varangian prince who ruled all or part of the Rus' people during the early 10th century. He is credited with moving the capital of Rus' from Novgorod the Great to Kiev and, in doing so, he laid the foundation of the powerful state of Kievan Rus'. He also launched at least one attack on Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.
Ibn al-Khattab Caucasian Rebels Major rebel leader, key roles in conflicts in the Caucasus until his death in 2002
Mukhu Aliyev Republic of Dagestan President of Dagestan during events of 2009, same surname as Rhea Aliyeva
Shamil Basayev Caucasian Rebels Major rebel leader, key roles in conflicts in the Caucasus, possibly "The Emir" from Rhea's Confession
Gwaschemasch'e Kadın Efendi ? Priestess of the Great Mother, Protector of Mnajdra
Abdussamad Gamidov Republic of Dagestan Prime Minister of Dagestan (2013), former Finance Minister, same surname as Vera Gamidova
Dokka Umarov Caucasian Rebels Major rebel leader, self proclaimed 'Emir' of the North Caucasus, still alive and active as of August 2013
Erik Satie Historical artists Composer of the gnossiennes of which Alexander Dubrovin was very fond
Trofim Lysenko Historical Biologist A Soviet biologist and agronomist of Ukrainian origin. Lysenko rejected Mendelian genetics in favor of the hybridization theories of Russian horticulturist Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin, and adapted them to a pseudoscientific movement termed Lysenkoism.
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