This page attempts to keep a comprehensive list of all relevant groups and organizations.

Primary Groups

Group / Organization Description
Alfa-Tsentr Russian private security contractor, highly involved in the events of 2009.
The Junsui All-female 'terrorist' organization led originally by Vera Novosi; possibly by Oksana Konstantinova after Vera's apparent death or capture in 2009. Believe in what they call the 'New Reality' and draw heavily from matriarchal cults and neolithic pagan religions.
Men of Taste "North American PR firm" - worked with Alfa-Tsentr and some members from unFiction in 2009
Third Roman Intelligence Directorate ?
Las Santas Guerreras de Gwaschemasch'e Hacktivist group based out of Santiago, Chile, affiliated with The Junsui, FEMEN, and Anonymous

Real/Historical Groups

Group / Organization Description
Liberation Army of Dagestan Potentially mythical organization blamed by the FSB for the Russian Apartment Bombings. Also referenced on page 4 of Rhea's Confession
Vityaz 1st Special Purpose unit of Alfa-Tsentr. Assigned specifically to counter-terrorism duties, but was trained to deal with civil unrest, prison rebellions and mutinies of regular army units. Historically, a legendary hero (bogatyr) in East Slavic legends, akin to a Western "knight-errant."
Varyagi/Varangians The name given by Greeks and East Slavs to Vikings, who between the 9th and 11th centuries ruled the medieval state of Rus' and formed the Byzantine Varangian Guard
SRCAMB State Research Center for Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology at Obolensk - QR code at the end of Rhea's Confession leads to their page. State funded bio-weapons research was conducted at this facility during the Soviet era, including anthrax research.
Anonymous Loosely networked hacker collective responsible for many high profile attacks and information leaks over the past several years
FEMEN Global activist group that protests patriarchy and political oppression.
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