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Mount Yamantau is the tallest mountain in the southern Urals, and along with Kosvinsky Mountain is suspected of being a large secret Russian nuclear facility and/or bunker. The nature and purpose of this facility has not been fully established, as repeated inquiries have yielded different answers from the Russian government, including that it is a mining site, a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area, and a nuclear bunker for Russian leaders. Russian newspapers reported in 1996 that the Yamantau facility was part of Russia's Dead Hand nuclear retaliatory system. Large rail lines serve the facility, and it is situated near the closed military town of Mezhgorye (formerly Beloretsk-15 and Beloretsk-16).1

'Alkino-2' may be synonymous with this facility. The nearest city of notable size is Beloretsk, which is listed as the location of Alfa-Tsentr on their website, as well as the former location of Men of Taste.

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Rhea's Cell

Yamantau's relevance was first discovered when uF user 'kadomony' plugged in the numbers from the entrance animation on the fake google page as latitude/longitude coordinates, and was led to the mountain. The cell Rhea Numitorova was kept in is thought to be located at this facility.

It is clear from both the cell footage and correspondence with Alfa-Tsentr officials that Alfa-Tsentr was responsible, at least in part, for the security at this facility.

Rhea was apparently moved from the Yamantau facility following the Junsui's assault on the facility in September 2009, possibly to another facility near Minsk, Belarus.

The video to the right shows the intro sequence and the coordinate puzzle that led to Yamantau.

MoT Dubai Video

The MoT Dubai Video shows an intruder accessing the security network at the Alkino-2. This video provided many new details about the facility.

The following image shows a screen-cap from the intrusion video, showing several security cameras monitoring School 3 and the interior perimeter of the facility.

The next image shows another page of the security system, with more translations.

From this, we gather that the Alkino-2 facility contains at least the following areas, covered by CCTV:

  • An airbase
  • A generator
  • School 3 living quarters, organized into "boudoirs"
  • School 4 organized into sections
  • A warehouse

Junsui Assault (2009)

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