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This video was originally uploaded to Vimeo here: (password: 'yamantau'), by user '4 Redemption' (ostensibly Patrick Marckesano).


This video was discovered on 9 September 2009. It appears to show an unknown person (maybe Patrick Marckesano) accessing the Alfa-Tsentr Network at the Alkino-2 (Mount Yamantau) facility to pull up Rhea's file.

This video may still contain relevant information as of August 2013, as it provides several personal details about Rhea Numitorova and the Alfa-Tsentr facility at Mount Yamantau.

Message From Patrick

The following message accompanied the break-in video on Vimeo,

Dear Vera and Oksana,
Thank you for giving me this final chance to redeem my life.
Over the years working in an empty consumerism, I too had become one of the defiled. You alone showed me the path to true purity. You offered me a glimpse of the plan which the Great Mother has for all of us.
I have made many enemies in choosing the side of purity, but my faith is strong. I know that those who would seek to do harm to us will only harm themselves. I know that those who cannot abandon their lives of emptiness will live in prisons of their own creation.
You were right this entire time: "feed them a small amount of animosity, and they will then devour themselves."
For those of us who have chosen the path of the pure, in death there will be new life. Know that I meet my end now thinking of Her.
Yours Faithfully,


The first page looks like a modeling or courtesan service based out of Dubai. The intruder uses the login б-020-2556-017 with a 10-digit password to access the system.

After logging in, the intruder is redirected to a security interface and monitoring panel for a CCTV network, which is currently displaying security feeds from school 3 (the boudoir) and the facility's perimeter. One of the feeds from the boudoir displays a very familiar image. Compare the highlighted camera feed from the break-in video to the image from the Cafe Moto Dead Drop:

The 'photo' from the Cafe Moto dead drop was an image from the security camera in this area of the boudoir. The girl in the photo is still unidentified.

The intruder selects 'Personnel', then 'Regulars', selects Rhea's file, and enters more authentication info.

This leads to Rhea's file:

Translations provided by unFiction user balt.

MoT/Alfa-Tsentr Response
On 31 August 2009, over a week prior to the discovery of the break-in video, Alexander Dubrovin sent members of Men of Taste the following message,

The following are translated excerpts from recent intelligence reports given by Alfa-Tsentr regarding a breach of its intranet system.

We believe this incident to be closely related to recent planning activities by the terrorists and therefore warranting members' attention.

Updates will be given as they are made available. Please understand that because of security concerns, full contents of these reports cannot be disclosed.

- A. Dubrovin

… … … …


MEMORANDUM FOR Praporshchik ——
Б-076-1002-320, Snezhinsk Zone 5


• (28.08.09) Alfa-Tsentr’s intranet was breached via remote access panel by an unauthorized person using a stolen username and password. The breach occurred approximately 15:15 - 15:20 MSK. At present, it is unclear exactly what data was compromised since the perpetrator apparently exploited an undocumented "debugging mode" wherein no activity is recorded in the access logs. Alfa-Tsentr network did manage to capture and retain the originating IP of the first breach via the remote access:

• (29.08.09) IP was traced to a Tokyo ISP which was found to be a proxy for the breach access. Through the help of local authorities this proxy was compromised and the origin of access was subsequently traced to the business office of a freight merchant importer near the port center of Yokohama. Further investigation of the site turned up no computer but examination of surveillance footage taken at the building’s sole entry captured a middle height, European male with blond hair exiting the building at 20:32 (UTC + 9) local time, notably only a brief time interval subsequent to the Alfa-Tsentr breach. A positive identification was made of the suspect: 30 year, USA citizen Patrick Marckesano, a Brooklyn (New York) resident, former employee of Men of Taste. A search for the suspect is currently being carried out with cooperation from the Keisatsu-chō Security Bureau.

Followed by,

A positive identification was made of the suspect: 30 year, USA citizen Patrick Marckesano, a Brooklyn (New York) resident, former employee of Men of Taste.

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