Mnajdra is a megalithic temple complex in Malta, near the present-day village of Qrendi. It is one of the oldest known religious sites on Earth. The Junsui have made many references to Mnajdra as the 'the origin'. The temple complex is important to the group's pseudo-religious ideology of maternalism and may be referenced in their symbology. The Broadcast Mnajdra Video asserts that Mnajdra was the destination of a religious pilgrimage undertaken by Gwaschemasch'e and her retinue, where she presided over rites and rituals celebrating the summer solstice of 1905.

The Junsui have on several occasions referred to Gwaschemasch'e as Priestess of the Great Mother, Protector of Mnajdra.


In addition to being mentioned in social media communications many times, Mnajdra and its association with Gwaschemasch'e was described in the BROADCASTMNAJDRA Video (relevent section at 2:18).


This list is currently incomplete. Compiling all references to Mnajdra and incorporating them here is a TODO.


A remarkable aspect of the Mnajdra temple is its precise orientation and construction pertaining to the annual solar cycle.


On the autumnal and vernal equinoxes, the sun shines directly through the major axis of the lower temple. On the solstices, it illuminates stones on the right and left of the doorway. Archaeologists have inferred from this that whatever religious ceremonies occurred here placed some kind of importance on the sun and its cycles. Artifacts recovered from this lower, solar-aligned temple suggest that it may have been used for healing illness or fertility worship.

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