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Important Locations

Location Region Lat/Lon Relevance
Beloretsk Russian Federation +53.97 +58.37 Listed as location of Alfa-Tsentr on http://alfa-tsentr.ru, as well as the former location of Men of Taste. This is the nearest city to the Yamantau/Alkino-2 complex.
Derbent Dagestan +42.03 +48.27 This is the site of the bombing mentioned in the Rhea's Confession document, near Sabnova and Dhzalgan, Derbent, Dagestan.
Dubai United Arab Emirates +25.27 +55.31 Referenced in MoT Dubai Video (2009). Location of a Czargrad house managed by Kalila El Khoury.
Kosvinsky Mountain Russian Federation +59.51 +59.09 Russian Federation underground rocket command post. Possible birthplace of Rhea Numitorova.
Mnajdra Temple Malta +35.83 +14.44 Neolithic temple sacred to Gwaschemasch'e and her Mother Goddess worship, as well as Junsui ideology. Nearby town of Qrendi is listed as Vera Novosi's place of origin.
Mount Yamantau Russian Federation +54.25 +58.10 Location of Alfa-Tsentr Alkino-2 facility where Rhea Numitorova was held. Location of School 3] and School 4.
Obolensk, SRCAMB Corpus 1 Russian Federation +54.97 +37.27 Location of SRCAMB, a research facility with history developing bioweapons for the USSR during the cold war. Possible connection to Nippon Shin Eisei and likely involved in genetic testing/experimentation on the Junsui.

Other Locations

Location Region Lat/Lon Relevance
Alfa Tsentr Northern Signal Intelligence Station Russian Federation +80.81 +47.60 Mentioned in at least one intel report from Alfa-Tsentr. "NORTHERN SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE STATION OAO ALFA-TSENTR, NAGURSKOYE AIRBASE" This appears to be the site of the airbase.
Göbekli Tepe Turkey +37.22 +38.92 Ancient neolithic site.
Kjerringøy Norway +67.56 +14.68 Referenced by both the Curragh evidence and the THENFRIEND video.
Manaus Brazil -3.07 -59.99 Intended destination of Alexander Dubrovin shortly before his disappearance from Santiago, Chile in 2009.
Mezhgorye Russian Federation +54.06 +57.83 Russian Federation "closed city". Very close in proximity to Mount Yamantau.
Ministry of Justice Russian Federation +55.73 +37.62 Site: http://minjust.ru Alfa-Cipher link: http://minjust.ru/ru/activity/thirdromandirectorate
Rothsay Australia -29.21 +117.63 This location was mentioned in the THENFRIEND video. Rothsay is an old ghost town in a remote area of Western Australia, formerly a mining town.
Santiago Chile -33.42 -70.49 Location of two dead drops of sensitive Alfa-Tsentr network information in 2009. Last known location of Alexander Dubrovin. Current location of Las Santas Guerreras de Gwaschemasch'e
Snezhinsk Russian Federation +56.08 +60.73 The site of an Alfa-Tsentr station, as referenced in multiple intelligence reports.
T'khaba Yerdy Ingushetia +42.81 +44.94 Listed as Rhea's birthplace in the Rhea's Record document. Ancient church in Ingushetia.
Tokushima Japan +34.07 +134.55 This location was mentioned by Alexander Dubrovin as a site where several Junsui terrorists were allegedly apprehended.
Vedeno Chechnya +42.96 +46.12 In Rhea's Confession, the three sisters came here to look for The Emir. Birthplace of Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, who is a possible identity of The Emir.
Yamdrok Lake Tibet +28.93 +91.07 Mentioned in the THENFRIEND video. Site of a helicopter crash that was allegedly an assassination attempt on Alexander Dubrovin in 2009 shortly before his disappearance in Santiago.
Çırağan Palace Istanbul, Turkey +41.04 +29.02 The Royal Palace of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, husband of Gwaschemasch'e. Gwaschemasch'e lived here for the majority of her life.

Old Locations

Location Region Lat/Lon Relevance
Brooklyn New York +40.67 -73.97 The site of an information dead drop at Cafe Moto, recovered by MoT agents. Upon arrival, the agent asked the bartender for a glass of Mouton Cadet (a wine from Bordeaux).
Carazinho Brazil -28.28 -52.77 A location mentioned in the Curragh report. Corresponds to the anagram "Oh Czarina".
La Serena Chile -29.91 -71.25 This location was mentioned in the Curragh report.
Lekoni River Gabon 1.62 +14.31 The Lekoni River is a location mentioned in the Curragh report. It aligns on the same longitude line as Mnajdra Temple, Ljubljana, and Kjeringoy.
Ljubljana Slovenia +46.05 +14.51 The German name for Ljubljana is Laibach. It is fairly certain that "Laibach" from the Curragh evidence was referring to Ljubljana.
Martinstown House Kildare, Ireland +53.11 -6.83 Martinstown House on the Curragh, in Kildare county, Ireland, was the target of an [[[Alfa-Tsentr]] raid in which some (possibly false) intelligence was recovered.
Tokyo Japan +35.69 +139.69 A site of known Junsui operative activity. Tokyo was referenced in the Junsui post: "DIANA has completed her mission in Shebuya." (Shebuya, Tokyo)
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