Kosvinsky Mountain

Origin Story of the Junsui

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According to Rhea's journal/confession documents accessible through Alfa-Arkiv, Kosvinsky was where the girls who would become the Junsui were born and spent their childhood. According to Rhea, their "schooling" at Kosvinsky was primarily focused on honing the girls' empathetic abilities and artistic skills. These skills would later be employed by Alfa-Tsentr to extract high value information from important political and business targets at the Czargrad houses.


Kosvinsky Mountain (Kosvinsky Kamen) is a mountain in the Urals the site of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces alternate command post. It was originally designed to be an nuclear-impenetrable command post during the Cold War that would allow for Soviet retaliatory nuclear strikes. It is thought to be a critical part of the Russian 'Dead Hand' doomsday apparatus, and was under construction as recently as 1996.


The Junsui have made several references to Kosvinsky Mountain.

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