Dr. Masa Tatenuma
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Founder and microbiologist/geneticist at Nippon Shin Eisei.

Provided sensitive information to Alexander Dubrovin shortly before Dubrovin's disappearance. This material is speculated to have been the contents of the THENFRIEND video.


From: infoSPLATshineisei.jp
Subject: Thank You For Interest in NSE

Dear Consumer:

Thank you for interest in Nippon Shin Eisei.

Due to overwhelming response, Nippon Shin Eisei has temporarily decided to issue a cessation of test kit distribution by mail.

We foresee the ability to distribute kits again in the near future. We are proud to announce that NSE is currently undergoing a transition to a new office and laboratory facilities which will enable us to accommodate a much larger volume. At which time this becomes a possibility, you will be informed by electronic mail.

If you are in the Matsuyama area, please feel free to schedule a genetic analysis through our office. Please note that samples from both prospective parents are necessary.

Thank you for your interest in the More Than Me and Junsui programs.

Best Regards,

Masa Tatenuma


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