Alfa-Arkiv is an application available via Apple app store which provides operators access to the TRU-COM network used by Alfa-Tsentr and Men of Taste personnel. This is the same network accessible through Alfa-Cipher.

As operators are able to progress deeper into the network, more documents are revealed. Most of them appear to have been written by Rhea Numitorova during her time in her cell at Mount Yamantau. They provide a detailed account of her childhood with her sisters at Corpus 1 at a hidden location in Kosvinsky Mountain.

Also available are several documents produced by OMON, providing an alternative narrative to the origin of the three sisters Rhea, Oksana, and Vera.

Alexander Dubrovin's TRU-COM account

An operator and hacker, Raskovnik, will show users how to gain access to the TRU-COM archive containing Alexander Dubrovin's correspondences dating back to November 2008.

Many things are revealed in these messages, including:
- His personal relationship with Alfa-Tsentr CEO Roman Azef (whom he calls 'Vladislav')
- Ivan Grossman was Dubrovin's personal assistant until Dubrovin's disappearance Sept 4, 2009
- Dubrovin had a relationship with a curator of one of the Alfa-Tsentr operated Czargrad houses, a woman named Kalila El-Khoury. Many of us know Kalila as A Love Supreme, an alias she uses online that reflects her passion for jazz.

Despite this, Dubrovin's ultimate fate is still unknown.

Alfa-Tsentr employment

Operators of Alfa-Arkiv sooner or later will receive a message from an Alfa-Tsentr contact, demanding the deletion/return of all documents that the operator has accessed and cached. At this point, a choice is offered: comply and lose access to the documents you have acquired, or decline and make an enemy of Alfa-Tsentr. If the operator chooses to comply, they will receive a TRU-COM message from Alfa-Tsentr Selections, informing them that they are being considered for a position of Aggregate Intelligence Analyst for OAO Alfa-Tsentr. As of July 2014, all known applications are still pending.

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