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31 August 2009

The following are translated excerpts from recent intelligence reports given by Alfa-Tsentr regarding a breach of its intranet system.

We believe this incident to be closely related to recent planning activities by the terrorists and therefore warranting members' attention.

Updates will be given as they are made available. Please understand that because of security concerns, full contents of these reports cannot be disclosed.

- A. Dubrovin

… … … …


MEMORANDUM FOR Praporshchik --
Б-076-1002-320, Snezhinsk Zone 5


• (28.08.09) Alfa-Tsentr’s intranet was breached via remote access panel by an unauthorized person using a stolen username and password. The breach occurred approximately 15:15 - 15:20 MSK. At present, it is unclear exactly what data was compromised since the perpetrator apparently exploited an undocumented "debugging mode" wherein no activity is recorded in the access logs. Alfa-Tsentr network did manage to capture and retain the originating IP of the first breach via the remote access:

• (29.08.09) IP was traced to a Tokyo ISP which was found to be a proxy for the breach access. Through the help of local authorities this proxy was compromised and the origin of access was subsequently traced to the business office of a freight merchant importer near the port center of Yokohama. Further investigation of the site turned up no computer but examination of surveillance footage taken at the building’s sole entry captured a middle height, European male with blond hair exiting the building at 20:32 (UTC + 9) local time, notably only a brief time interval subsequent to the Alfa-Tsentr breach. A positive identification was made of the suspect: 30 year, USA citizen Patrick Marckesano, a Brooklyn (New York) resident, former employee of Men of Taste. A search for the suspect is currently being carried out with cooperation from the Keisatsu-chō Security Bureau.

31 August 2009

Yesterday evening an incident involving a mechanical error during our Kasatka’s takeoff at Gongkar forced a delay in my schedule. Considering the quality of aviation investigations here, there will probably never be a way of knowing for sure… but there’s a very good chance the accident was due to an act of sabotage. Amazingly everybody escaped with only one serious injury to a pilot. I myself am receiving medical treatment for fractures I received to my wrist and ribs. Unfortunately my computer was destroyed after the aircraft caught fire and so there will be a slight delay in regaining communication access with my colleagues at Alfa-Tsentr.

31 August 2009


I fear something may be dysfunctional with my new computer system. Did you not receive my last e-mail sent at around 15:00 UTC? Please see the excerpts from Alfa-Tsentr intelligence memorandum posted to the Men of Taste group.

Regarding the triad symbols which the terrorists frequently use—their embedded symbols seem to be a cross between Armanist runes and another system developed by Gwaschemasch'e Efendi, the supposed ancestor of the group. (Incidentally, such a family lineage/relationship is a complete fabrication on the part of the terrorists.)

If you are investigating the origin of the symbols or attempting to translate them, we recommend researching deeper into the figure Gwaschemasch'e. Unfortunately many contemporary records on her life, including her manuscripts on esoteric religious beliefs seem to have been destroyed in a fire at her childhood home, Çıragan Palace. While your Kanji tie in with the legend of the Kitsune and Amaterasu is a definite possibility worth exploring, I might always recommend that you be on the lookout for technological or cryptographic analogies. The terrorists send information to each other that is inevitably technical and/or operational in nature. Abstractions lead to specific instructions, in other words.

Having exhausted many methods of cryptography analysis, Alfa-Tsentr's experts do not believe that the symbols constitute the "lock" or "key" methods of their communication. We recommend continuance of image analysis techniques.

Thank you for inquiring about my health. I have received adequate care in Tibet and am now due for a return to the physicians here in Moscow tomorrow morning.

A. Dubrovin

5 September 2009 (last official message received from Dubrovin),


Be wary of misinformation!

Remember that Won You is a known associate of our target. A newly added signal is most likely a ruse designed to misguide our locating of drop point. Prior to 18. August, the target was under A-T surveillance for approximately 6 months and in this time there is absolutely no indication of his having travelled to Philadelphia. Nor do any of his close associates have ties to this city from what we've been able to determine.

Letting your teams be distracted this easily this late in game is could mean disaster. The terrorists' network seems highly disrupted within past few days since the Shanghai interdiction, but we must be vigilant against their continuing campaign of disinformation and keep focus!

A. Dubrovin

???? to Dubrovin, 5 September 2009

- Original Message -
From: Your Private Army <internethatemachine>
Date: September 5, 2009 23:02:57 UTC
Subject: LA SERENA

Greetings Mr. Dubrovin,

I want you to know that we support your efforts to hunt down and kill these menaces. We thought the following phished e-mail received by old account might interest you.

The Internet Hate Machine


Sisters of Origin,

In OS room of Martinstown @ Curragh:

Oh Czarina
Chic Bomb!

Reeking Joy

Accusations of Working With The Junsui

Yuri Tretiak (Alfa-Tsentr command) on 8 September 2009,

Unfortunately, I am very restricted on what I can divulge, Mr. Morales.

But let us just say that SOMEBODY high up in either A-T or MoT has leaked extremely sensitive operational data. Mr Dubrovin is among the top suspects but unfortunately his recent death precludes us from questioning him.

Very interesting and convenient that his e-mail correspondence was erased the day before his dismissal…

If you or any of your members have information given to you by Dubrovin, I strongly encourage you to step forward.

It might also help to know what, if any, data was recovered from the Second Life platform.

Yuri Tretiak (Alfa-Tsentr command) on 11 September 2009,

The recent revelation of Alexander Dubrovin's receiving and sending of disinformation by Junsui agents clearly shows he was in
collaboration with the terrorists. He was weak and therefore easily manipulated

The intercept of this particular video intel certainly relies upon knowledge of the terrorists quasi religious beliefs. Does anybody have a close knowledge of their meanings as revealed in the past? This might certainly provide password.

Yuri Tretiak (Alfa-Tsentr command) on 11 September 2009,

Alexander Dubrovin was responsible for dissemination of known terrorist propaganda on more than this occasion. My disclosure of other such events is impossibility presently because security concerns. But there is clear pattern demonstrating his aiding of their cause. His own fellow executives at Men of Taste have admit as much.

Regarding these "ciphers" of terrorists, does your group have a catalog of all such known occurrences? If so, possibly relationships might be established regarding their usage. We do not have many instances recorded within own investigation. But recent investigation into terrorist activity in western Chinese is revealing one composite of symbols left behind during attack on CCTV facility.


On 14 Sept 2009, 9 days after his last official message, uF member redct received the following (apparently posthumous) message from Dubrovin,

Two of the locations in Santiago mentioned in his letter were the sites of future dead-drop locations for information on how to infiltrate Alfa-Tsentr's Alkino-2 complex. These locations were the Biblioteca de Santiago (the city library) and San Cristóbal Hill (the hill).

The amount of detail in Dubrovin's letter is striking. As he was branded a traitor by Alfa-Tsentr and replaced, it seems very possible that he was intentionally led to these locations by someone who knew the dead drops were going to occur there. If A-T assets had Dubrovin under surveillance, they might have known that he visited these locations, possibly implicating him in the delivery of extremely sensitive A-T security information to Junsui operatives. It is unclear why Dubrovin would provide clues about these locations. It may have been so that MoT personnel would have an easier time figuring out and intercepting the drop, but if it was Dubrovin himself that made the drop for Junsui operatives, why would he help the very people he was betraying to solve it? Another possibility is that Dubrovin was being framed. He had 'meetings' set up for him by someone at A-T whose purpose may have been to put him in the wrong place at the wrong time. No motive for this has been suggested, however. Perhaps Dubrovin was beginning to discover too much about Alfa-Tsentr, and A-T opted to forcibly install a new coordinator.

Recent Developments

Though there has been no known further contact with Dubrovin since the message above, there are some hints that he may be alive, as his Facebook account has had some very minor activity since 8 July 2013.

His Facebook profile lists the following information:

Current City: Washington, District of Columbia
Birthday: February 25, 1952
Mobile Phones: +7 903 XXX-XX-XX (redacted, but number does not work anyway)
Email: moc.koobecaf|1.nivorbud.rednaxela#moc.koobecaf|1.nivorbud.rednaxela


Dubrovin's TRU-COM account (used for business and personal communications) is accessible via Alfa-Arkiv and contains a trove of messages dating back to November 2008.

While these messages do not shed much light on his fate (they end abruptly around the time of his disappearance), they detail his involvement with Alfa-Tsentr, his personal relationship with Alfa-Tsentr CEO Roman Azef, and his romantic relationship with Kalila El-Khoury.

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