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In August-September 2009, a phenomenon dubbed 'Junko Junsui' emerged on the internet. Internet denizens found themselves caught up amidst an apparent struggle between a pseudo-religious Sisterhood called 'The Junsui' and a shadowy Russian paramilitary organization called Alfa-Tsentr and its PR partner Men of Taste. Events spanned four continents, four languages, and several communication mediums (including dead drops in Brooklyn, NY and Santiago, Chile), and challenged knowledge of history, mythology, biology, geography, and cryptanalysis.

The Junsui rapidly gained a large audience when a faux Google page was discovered to lead to a camera feed of a girl in a cell when the proper search term was entered.

The Junsui claimed the girl was their sister, "Little Bird", and that they needed to find her and rescue her from her captors.

What followed was (and remains) a very deep rabbit hole of intrigue, history, and lore that is as fascinating as it is unsettling. The deeper you go, the less certain you will be of the boundary between fiction and reality.

For a very well written introduction to the events of 2009, we suggest starting here: Knowing The Junsui.

For a more detailed and comprehensive (though harder to follow) account of events, visit the Junko Junsui subforum at unFiction, specifically the trailhead thread.

Also visit the Junsui on Facebook and on Twitter.

For an introduction to relevant historical events, literature, and mythology, please visit the Background and Context page.


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